How We Do It

We Create

We capture a vision and develop outstanding design solutions with integrity and innovation while constantly pushing the boundaries of existing practice and exploring new ways to interpret, present and connect with audiences.

We design for:

– Exhibitions and Special Events
– Interior and Exterior Environments
– Modular and Custom Exhibits
– Custom Signage and Wayfinding
– Marketing Material

We Plan

The German Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe coined the idiom “God is in the details” – and our team works very hard to make sure every detail is accounted for when planning for an event, or one off project. From budget development, critical paths, risk management to scheduling deliveries, everything is covered and tracked using our custom database.

We Execute

This is where our team comes together and all our planning begins to take shape. Whether it’s setting up tents, fabricating an exhibit or building up shell schemes, hiring performers, printing graphics, producing signage, installing AV or preparing for special effects, everything come together seamlessly under the watchful eye of our Project Managers.

We Deliver

Moving in and setting-up is always chalk full of challenges, and even the occasional unforeseen surprise. That’s why all our events have a Project Manager on-site, ready to navigate the quagmire, making sure that every aspect of the plan is carried out.

We work with our clients, in collaboration with the venue, or site staff, with artists and performers, exhibitors and vendors as well as subcontractors, to ensure everything comes together ready to impress and engage visitors and participants, leaving them with a memorable experience.